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AP Biology (3rd Edition)

BIOZONE’s new title for AP Biology is the third edition of this popular resource. Now in full color and one comprehensive volume, it has been completely revised to address the 2020 AP Biology CED. This title expertly balances breadth of content with depth of understanding, employing a wide variety of activities to develop the student’s skills in key science practices. In keeping with the approach of the new CED, AP Biology deemphasizes the traditional approach of content coverage to focus on inquiry, critical thinking, and enduring understanding of key concepts. Clear presentation, a highly visual approach, and integration of relevant and engaging illustrative examples readies students for college level courses, developing the essential inquiry and reasoning skills they will need as 21st century scientists.

BIOZONE’s AP Biology emphasizes the application of knowledge to understanding and analyzing new problems. It follows the CED’s structure, providing an easily-navigable program that comprehensively addresses the two essential components of the course framework: science practices and course content. Its data-driven approach and highly visual format encourage students to engage fully with the principles, ideas, and methodologies required to understand the natural world.

AP Biology (3d Edition)

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